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Why Clients Travel With Kathy!

Karen B.

My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary this past June and Kathy helped plan a wonderful trip to Paris and the Normandy region in France.  We have been planning this trip for almost nine months and Kathy stayed in contact with me the entire time. She met with me several times to discuss the cruise, various hotel options in Paris, excursions etc. Within hours after each of our meetings, Kathy followed up with options for me and booked our cruise, hotels and excursions. Kathy’s extensive travel experience and personal attention planning our trip was outstanding and gave me comfort knowing that no detail was overlooked. I would highly recommend having Kathy plan your next trip. You will be in great hands!! We can’t wait to plan our next adventure.


Our trip to Paris and river cruise down the Siene was way beyond our expectations! Every aspect of the trip was taken care of, leaving nothing for us to do but relax and enjoy. Kathy put together an itinerary and group of people that would be hard to replicate! She was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the trip and worked hard to make sure the group was well prepared. My husband and I were so happy to have been part of this trip.


Kathy always makes travel seamless. She is not only organized and informed but she truly cares that her clients have a great time and spend time making memories not worried about the details. With Kathy you don’t sweat the details because she does and never lets you down. I am totally satisfied with the service she provides and don’t plan to take any trips without her outstanding service.


Kathy Moran was sensational from the very beginning, throughout the trip, and after we returned. In the planning stage, Kathy gave me her advice in regards to group travel – all of which turned out to be true. She was receptive to any suggestions I put forward, and worked with me to come up with creative solutions. The trip went off without a hitch. Moloney & Kelly hooked us up with the very best, including their recommendations for hotels and tour guides. It was nerve wracking being in charge of 28 people, but I never felt like I was doing it alone. Kathy instilled relentless optimism into the trip as well as my ability to lead this group. I couldn’t have done it without her. I recommend Kathy any day of the week and twice on Sundays.


Kathy helped plan our first trip to Italy a couple years ago and it was spectacular! We wanted to go back, but to Sicily to research our family’s ancestry. Kathy recommended two fabulous resorts on Sicily for us to enjoy. Both were very different, but amazing in there own way. The service at both resorts was top notch, the food was delicious and the views were stunning. Kathy was able to provide us with a driver for our trip who accompanied us and translated when necessary. A trip highlight was visiting the small town where our Grandfather had grown up, meeting the town mayor and getting to see our Grandfather’s handwritten birth certificate from 1888. Kathy also recommended several excursions for us to enjoy, all of which were family friendly to keep our four children entertained. Kathy thought of everything with our family in mind and we enjoyed every last detail.

Caroline W.

Kathy put together our trip to Alaska for a naturalist adventure and it was wonderful. I wanted to make the trip but knew that it would never happen if I had to do the planning myself. I was so happy to find Kathy and she did a great job of putting our trip together for us, right down to the last details. Everything went smoothly and we truly enjoyed our trip even more than we imagined.

Renny K.

Kathy is really good at listening to my needs and finding exactly what I want in a very short period of time. I have used her on more than one occasion and she has NEVER let me down! I had a wonderful trip to Greece this time as well as equally great trips to Fiji and New Zealand, all courtesy of Kathy’s expert planning! Will definitely continue to use her services!


Kathy knows what our requirements are as to hotels and tours, and selected those that perfectly matched our desires. Locations were outstanding.   Her selections here were perfect for my family’s vacation, and met our needs. Kathy also recommended several tours, including some that were a combination of both driving and walking tours, both informative and leisurely. Kathy again planned a perfect vacation for us, and her recommendations were outstanding.


Kathy recommended Ama Waterway and we were not disappointed.  Thank you Kathy for all your help and guidance. Always right there to answer any questions. Much appreciated. If another travel plan comes up it will be with Kathy.

Martha A.

Dream trip. All went smoothly. Kathy took care of all the details and planned our trip to our wants and needs. Our first cruise and she knew what to ask us to help us decide on the booking for the ship. We never would have thought about some of the things she asked. She was patient with our multitude of questions and answered them in a timely manner. We will definitely use her expertise for future trips. Big, big thank you to Kathy.

Sandy L.

From start to finish, Kathy provided knowledgeable and expert guidance and planning for a fabulous travel experience. Kathy listened carefully to our interests and preferences. She used her expertise to guide us toward important sites and landmarks even as she incorporated trip features tailored to our particular interests. Hotel choices were excellent and transportation recommendations and planning sound and smooth. Kathy is an experienced travel professional and a warm and engaging individual. It was a joy to work with Kathy. Our trip was terrific!

Jenny K.

Kathy  provided arrangements through Abercrombie & Kent for an incredible trip to Cuba for us. My husband and I could not have been more pleased with our experience.  Kathy answered all of our questions and checked with us frequently to ensure we were fully prepared for our adventure. The trip was incredible! The arrangements, touring experience, guides, food, and the group we traveled with were all wonderful. We were extremely pleased and would recommend Kathy’s services to other travelers.